Inspired by the intricately detailed trade beads of the African Ashanti Kingdom, this collection features coiled wire, granulation and other early smithing techniques. Hand-crafted in sterling silver, each piece is exquisitely fashioned and finished by skilled artisans.

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The Bun collection celebrates the delicate curls of fern tendrils emerging from Bali’s forest floor. The motif is interpreted within stylized frangipani blossoms and enhanced with granulation, a technique that is an integral part of the Celuk design heritage. Bracelets and necklaces are suspended from classic Balinese chains of hand-woven sterling silver.

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Reflecting a legacy of elegant simplicity, the Ikatan Collection borrows the timeless weaving techniques used to create traditional Balinese baskets.

Sterling silver wire is woven into flexible jewelry that may be firm or as soft and supple as a piece of the ikat cloth for which it was named. Each necklace can take up to a week to complete.

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The rippling curves of seashells evoke waves breaking on a sandy beach. Each shell is embraced in hand-crafted sterling silver, with hammered dots representing grains of sand on the shore. The green, gold and peach hues of the pearls are a perfect foil for the iridescent natural shell.

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