Prapen is the heart and soul of Bali’s silver smithing heritage, preserving traditional craftsmanship and techniques while offering exquisitely hand-crafted jewellery to the world.

Here, creating jewellery from precious metals is a vital part of everyday life, delicately interwoven with the spiritual practices which honour the gods of the Balinese Hindus.

The Heart

Prapen seeks to create balance and sustainability between the human and commercial aspects of Balinese metalsmith artistry. The tourism industry has had a powerful impact on the lifestyle of Bali’s craftspeople. A core intention at Prapen is to create livelihoods for young Balinese who might otherwise leave their villages in search of other work. By doing so, Bali’s precious metalsmithing heritage is kept alive and another generation of artisans has an occupation that allows them to remain with their families.

One important element of the company's philosophy is its decision not to build a large factory. Discussions with the artisans revealed that they would not be comfortable working to the tight schedules and demands of a factory. Instead, working at home allows them to choose their own hours, while giving them time to fulfill their Balinese temple duties and attend ceremonial and social events.

The Soul

Jewellery is an integral part in Balinese daily life. From a baby's amulet to a priest's paraphernalia or dance ornaments to honour the dead, jewellery is closely linked with ritual and ceremony.

Prapen metalsmiths integrate traditional designs unchanged through centuries, meticulously honoured in their original form. Even contemporary motifs are inspired by details of Balinese ritual, using techniques brought from India by the craftsmen who served the Majapahit kingdom in Java before it moved to Bali.