The Library at Prapen

The book collection established by I Putu Juliawan beginning in 1994 has grown over the years. He  decided to share his passion and interest in jewelry with the public by providing his private book collection through the library.

With over 150 books and other literature focusing on jewelry and Asian art , the library is the first and only public library of its kind in Bali.

All members of the public, especially students, designers and travellers, are welcome to use the facilities and be inspired by this collection.  Visiting our library makes your visit to Prapen more meaningful and memorable.

Access to Collection

Jewelry-related literature is very rare and often very expensive in Bali.

Books and other literature can only be accessed and viewed in the Lobby of Prapen through a provided catalog under staff supervision. Only one item can be inspected at once and no external loans are allowed.

A crucial consideration guiding the management and maintenance of the collection is the duty to preserve them for the future. The library’s role, however, is also to facilitate public access to its collection.  It is a prime responsibility of visitors and staff to protect these materials as much as is reasonably possible by ensuring that the collection is properly handled and stored.

No cost will be incurred for inspecting the collection. However, charges apply for damages by visitors.

No food, drink or smoking is permitted in the Library.


The library at Prapen welcomes the donation of new or used books on jewelry and Asian art.