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Our jewelry and artifact designs are inspired by Balinese nature and use traditional Balinese jewelry techniques.

Gold and silver pieces may incorporate organic materials such as amber, agate, cow bone, coral, horn, shell, pearls, wood and other natural elements. Prices range from the very modest to significant for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Cemul Collection
The late sculptor I Wayan Cemul of Ubud was known for his whimsical works in Bali’s native paras stone, found in carvings in the architecture of Balinese temples, homes, and palaces. The Cemul Collection celebrates the work of this beloved Balinese artist. Strong and fanciful.
Patra Collection
This collection is inspired by a motif found in the ancient Balinese village of Tenganan, in its architecture and rare double-ikat geringsing textiles. Patra means ‘pattern’. The Patra collection uses the techniques of carving and lost-wax casting of sterling silver. Refined and mysterious.
Soka Collection
Inspired by the soka flower (Ixora javanica, Rubiacea), whose name derives from Asoka, the first king of India to embrace Buddhism. This four-petalled blossom becomes a central motif in the Soka Collection, creating a powerful organic symmetry. At once modern and magical.
Yoga Collection
Every year, yogis and yoginis flock to the Bali Spirit Festival in nearby Ubud, providing the inspiration for the charm-like figures of the Yoga Collection, in which classic yoga poses are captured in sterling silver. Playful and emblematic.