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Prapen is more than a jewelry retailer.

We preserve the art and crafting of traditional Balinese jewelry and artifacts.

The studio, designed by award-winning Grounds Kent Architects Australia, fuses the modern and traditional Balinese styles that are reflected in our jewelry and artifacts.

The Prapen compound has a quadrangle around a koi pond that includes a Balinese home-style workshop, exhibition space, a replica of an ancient Balinese forge, a 3,440 ft2 showroom, and Bali's first library of Asian art and jewelry.

While browsing books in the library or viewing the jewelry collections in the showroom, visitors will be soothed by the sound of the water features. Wooden walkways traverse the pond and signature pieces of jewelry are displayed in glass cases inspired by Balinese 'Meru' temples.


There were no factories when the metal smiths of Bali  began to practice their craft. Prapen has worked closely with small families in the village of Celuk, each working in the comfort of their home workshops. Their skills spread through generations and within the neighborhoods of the village.  

Our workshop is a replica of a Balinese home workshop. We did not build a large factory as we wished to maintain the concept of a specialized craft village. The simple workshops in each house are distinctive features of the village, with the sounds of the hammers and files part of the ambience.  

The smithing activities have become a unique cultural element that we are seeking to  preserve. 

Jewelry Class

Take part in one of our inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable silversmithing classes. Our most popular classes are granulation decorating and woven chain making.  Visitors are advised to book in advance.
This is not a formal course; visitors will not become master smiths after attending the class.  But you can make your own masterpiece, and your visit will be more memorable for the experience

Bali is an inspiring place to visit

We invite you to enjoy your experience here while supporting Bali’s own products and people. Our studio is located in the traditional metal smithing village of Celuk.

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